What Are the Latest or Best Trends in Digital Marketing?

We all know the importance of digital marketing, but we often get confused on where to start and what are the current and best marketing trends. Here are a few top digital marketing trends you may want to start with.

Digital Marketing and Its Importance in Today’s Competitive Market

The need to know the importance of digital marketing is very necessary in this competitive world for the growth of businesses. Digital marketing is that branch of marketing, which uses the internet and various other online-based digital technologies available, such as desktop computers, mobile phones, and other digital media and platforms to promote the products and services of various brands. Digital marketing is important for the companies as it enables them to generate more traffic to the website, thus the number of visitors increases with chances of longer time spent on the site, which in turn can be converted into sales of the product and services of the brand.

With many benefits to offer, digital marketing has become the most demanded form of marketing and it has to be noted that digital marketing has become the most needed skills in today’s time, owing to the changing lifestyle and demand of the consumers, along with the stiff competition prevailing in the market. With the marketers struggling to scramble up with innovative ideas and various up gradations there has been a constant change in the trends of digital marketing.

The Latest and The Best Trends in Digital Marketing

1. The Trend of Utilising Videos in The Digital Marketing Process

It has been well researched that a consumer feels much more confident in availing a product or service by watching the display videos on the website. This audio-visual medium is the best suited digital marketing trend, owing to the informative nature of the videos, created by the companies and imparting personalized touch to the videos, which also helps the customers to get attached with the brand with ease. Narrating a story through the video and providing information through short and crisp video is the best digital marketing trend in today’s era. The videos can explain about the genre of the product along with its importance, usage and the benefits, which wins the customers confidence and trust. This can be everlasting for the brands looking to expand their business.

Also, the concept of using personalized video to communicate with the prospects and target customers is becoming a popular digital marketing trend as humanizing an email conversation while posing a friendly face helps your prospect to gel with the brand comfortably. Moreover, this methodology also increases the click rates, higher open-rates, and greater engagement as well.

2. Good Marketing Content is Still on High Demand

A well-designed marketing content is still on high demand and is one of the top digital marketing trends and will also be needed in the future, although the quality of the content is the catch which has changed and improved over the years. The quality is always going to matter, but now the emphasis is laid much more on the context and targeting. Google has been doing round the clock work in developing a deeper, more sophisticated understanding of online content, which has eventually benefited the marketers and provided a platform to them to think carefully about their target market and how they can tailor content more precisely in near future to gain prospective customers and generate sales.

The addition of interactive content to the website is a great way to provide value for visitors and some of the best interactive marketing which has become the latest trend nowadays are polls, surveys, contests, and assessments that offer value to the visitors.

3. Reviews

One of the most sought after and best trends in digital marketing is the opportunity offered to the customers to give their reviews about the product and the services used by them. The reviews from one prospective customer can help provide real, unbiased reviews to all the future visitors, and has the potential of making or breaking the ability of the businesses to attract new customers or clients.

The Google business reviews are the most trusted ones, and the business listing of a brand enables people to call or visit the website frequently.

4. The Local SEO Trend

This is one of the latest and top trends in digital marketing, and the main reason behind this is the increase in “near me” searches in the past years by the visitors. It has to be noted that the year 2020 has seen a tremendous leap in the “near me” search digital marketing trend, which has paved the platform for businesses, that operate on a local level since there is a massive opportunity to capture buyers on a real time basis whenever there is an immediate need.

5. Shift from Awareness to Brand Affinity

This latest trend in digital marketing is focused on the existing customers and making them promoters of the brand, who in turn will represent the brand in the market. Therefore, this latest trend has a shift from the basic idea of creating brand awareness to gain more customers, but has laid the emphasis on creating a brand that has a personality as well as a purpose, which will persuade the customers to promote the brand.

6. Introduction of Self-configuration Tools in The Website

This latest digital marketing tool has proved to be very effective as basically the customers do not look for solutions to a general issue, whereas they are mostly in need of specific solutions to their personalized problems. Using self-configuration tools in the site offers solutions to the prospects which are best suited for them, and this enhances sale conversation rates because buyers have already done their research and are sure about their needs.

7. Social Media Trends

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have replaced the traditional social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with unique ways adopted by the companies to promote their product and services. WhatsApp and Messenger have functionality which enables the businesses to provide customer support, share updates, and promote content.

It’s time to get started with the trend which suits best to the genre of your business so that the maximum benefit is achieved. Among the top 10 digital marketing trends, these 7 are much important to begin with. Digital Catalyst expertises and stays updated with these latest and best marketing trends

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