Augmenting growth for businesses across the globe has been the foundation for Digital Catalyst . What started as a 4 member organisation five years back, has today grown into a team of 30+ employees. And this is just the beginning!

We have managed to go from strength to strength of owing to our core principle of treating clients as our partners.. Our Digital Marketing journey would not have been the same without our stakeholders’ continued faith and support.

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Work is worship is the sole principle with which our
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Deepak Gumalledar - CGO of Digital Catalyst

Deepak Gumaledar


If there’s one thing that can make all the difference for your business, it’s our small but well-knit TEAM!

These digital marketing enthusiasts and diverse domain experts make it 1 + 1 = 11 at Digital Catalyst.

Nanda K - CIO

With over two decades of experience, Nanda K. is a trailblazer in merging management expertise with data analytics and digital transformation in politics. Nanda K. excels at orchestrating seamless operations and extracting valuable insights from vast datasets for informed decision-making. His visionary approach integrates emerging technologies, such as social media analytics and artificial intelligence, to revolutionize political campaigns and strategies, all marked by innovation and an unwavering pursuit of excellence.

Nanda K. has garnered accolades and partnerships with influential political figures and organizations, leaving a lasting impact on modernizing political processes. Through speaking engagements and publications, Nanda K. shares insights on the fusion of management, data analytics, and digital transformation in politics, inspiring the next generation of political technologists. The breadth and depth of Nanda K's experience offer a rich tapestry of expertise, establishing a legacy that continues to drive the modernization of political discourse and operations.

Email : nanda@digitalcatalyst.in


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Just like our design interns, who came all the way from Malaysia and Egypt, you can also be an intern at Digital Catalyst to learn and augment professional growth

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