What Is The Importance of Digital Marketing in India?

Digital Marketing is trending all over the world right now, and in many places, it has replaced the conventional marketing channels. The credit goes to readily available and affordable internet. India is one of the countries witnessing the internet revolution and could be ideal for Digital Marketing to thrive. In this blog, we’ll explore in detail the importance of Digital Marketing in India.

1. Expanding internet user base

India saw exponential growth in the number of internet users in the past few years. Experts speculate that this growth will sustain for a few more years, and India could be the country with the highest number of internet users. The importance of Digital Marketing becomes all the more relevant in such a scenario. Digital Marketing is the best way to reach millions of users through technological devices like mobile phones and computers. Also, a substantial population of the country still lives in rural areas. Companies are now spending more on online marketing channels to leave their footprint where offline channels could not have reached.

2. In line with the government’s ‘Digital India’ initiative

Indian government undertook a ‘Digital India’ initiative a few years back with a vision to transform the country into a hub of digital knowledge and prosperity. Many of the operations which were earlier done on pen and paper have shifted to online. Digital Marketing fits right into this environment where the government fosters the growth of digital means of conducting business. The government is also mindful of the importance of digital marketing as they are using it themselves to spread awareness about their other campaigns.

3. Affordable than traditional marketing

Affordability is arguably the most pressing reason why the shift from traditional to digital marketing is happening faster than expected. Running an ad campaign on any of the conventional channels, including radio, TV, and print media require a lot of planning and a vast amount of financial resources. However, through online channels, these financial constraints are eliminated as the cost of an online ad campaign is minuscule compared to that of traditional means. Also, Digital Marketing is the most measurable way of marketing. You can view your results in real-time and track which of your marketing efforts are paying off and which aren’t.

4. Better suited for small businesses

The importance of Digital Marketing for businesses can’t be overlooked, irrespective of the size of the market. However, small companies and startups stand to gain the most from it. There are several reasons for this, but the most apparent is financial. Small businesses have a lot to gain from digital marketing, as it can help them cut costs dramatically. They can spend this extra money on other resources such as improving the quality of their services. Moreover, the country is home to several budding startups, and they cannot compete with big corporations on conventional marketing avenues. Digital Marketing levels the playing field for everyone.

5. Valuable skill in demand

Digital Marketing is considered as a valuable skill for which recruiters are willing to pay top dollar. There is a massive demand for employees who are well-versed with digital marketing techniques. All across the country, several institutes have popped up who provide a certification course in Digital Marketing. Now, some of the best colleges in the country, including IITs, IIMs, and others have recognized it as a prized skill that students must be taught.

6. Reaching global markets

Companies can now advertise about their services to not only their local markets but they can also reach overseas with the help of Digital Marketing. Although it was possible to tap into global markets before, too, the costs related to the same were enormous and could drain the resources of any organization. Many of the IT firms and other businesses in India have their clientele in the US and other western countries. Now they can reach their potential customers through online ads at just a fraction of the cost.

There is no doubt that Digital Marketing has arrived, and it is here to stay. India is one of the countries that will gain the maximum from the rise of Digital Marketing. As the internet user base expands in the coming years, so will its prevalence.

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