Advantages of Google AdWords to Grow Your Business

These days, businesses whether small or large, are turning to online advertising to get new customers. Google Ads are especially known to bring huge traffic to websites. Many prefer displaying ads but that doesn’t mean that you too should do that blindly. Digital marketing is nothing but reaching target customers at the right time using the right message. That’s because if you are not using the right message and right technique, then huge money goes wasted. So, it’s important to understand it before diving into it.

Why Google Adwords?

The simplest answer is, it brings traffic to the business. It plays a vital role in increasing the reach of marketing campaigns. Short-term marketing campaigns have more advantages than long-term campaigns.

Hire someone expert in this to set up a Google search advertising campaign or a remarketing campaign. Do you know that those who watch these ads are 155% more likely to search for the brand specific term and make double the revenue the brand invests on ads? The top 3 ad spots in Google search for the most competitive keywords receive 40% of all the clicks.

Who Can Use Adwords?

Did your friend succeed with Google Adwords? So, you would. That’s a myth and it’s not necessary that it would suit your business at all. Even if it does, there are various types of ads. You need to decide which type of ad would suit yours. You need to meet these criteria.

  • Are your customers online?
  • Are the keywords linked to your industry? Utilize Google’s keyword planner.
  • Are there any blogs or online magazines that publish articles on your industry?
  • Does Google throw relevant answers to your keywords?
  • Are your competitors utilizing any paid or unpaid channels?
  • Use Adwords keyword planner, MOZ, WordStream, Keyword tool, etc. for traffic and try to bid on your keyword.

Does your business meet these criteria? If yes, find the benefits of Google Adwords.

Benefits of Google Adwords

1. Increases Brand Awareness

Sure, Google Adwords boosts traffic, conversions and clicks on your website but don’t you think it is an efficient way to increase your brand awareness? Everytime you search for a keyword, you see a website on top of the search results in the ad spot area. Whether you click on it or not, it imprints itself on your mind. Search for “hosting” and you would mostly see “GoDaddy”. Whether you click on it or not, you know about GoDaddy better than any other hosting providers.

2. Gmail Ads

Email marketing is a type of strategy used in digital marketing and you might have seen sponsored emails on your Gmail by now. Native Gmail Ads were integrated with Adwords in September 2015. This makes it possible for you to reach more customers through Gmail easily. These are usually available on the promotion tab but they also appear on the social tab. Moreover, Gmail Ads are cost-effective and affordable.

3. Outranks Business Competitors

The websites which appear on top spots, i.e., Ad spots or on the first page of the search engine get most of the clicks and purchases. If your website doesn’t appear there, it means you’re not getting the clicks. That is why many businesses prefer Google Adwords. They’re well aware of the fact that spending on Adwords can help them grab that top spot on SERPs.

4. Builds Large Audience

As said before, most of the clicks are grabbed by the websites that occupy top most spaces on the first page of search results. Grabbing the topmost ad space means, there are higher chances of getting most of the clicks. If yours is a new business then your first most and biggest challenge is brand awareness. Getting the word out is the first thing you’d want to do. Years back, this used to be time-consuming, expensive and slow process but now, it has become an easier, affordable and quick process; quite opposite, isn’t it? Digital advertising has made this possible.

5. Much faster than SEO

There’s no doubt that SEO can also bring your website to the topmost position on SERPs but that is time consuming but with Google Adwords, you can get that spot instantly if it’s used correctly. SEO can strengthen the business with keywords and other techniques with time while AdWords can start working on brand awareness instantly. If combined both together, it can take your business to the next level.

6. Reaches Right Audience at Right Time

Reaching wrong people means reaching those who do not need your service or not looking for your service at least at this point of time. Spending money on marketing is a waste if it reaches the wrong audience. Google Adwords shows your Ad to those who are looking for your service only and this works out based on what keywords they search for. Thus, if you use the right keywords and right text, it brings you business at affordable prices.

7. Reconnect Your Old Visitors

When you want to buy a dress, you do check various ecommerce sites before making a purchase. That’s natural. It’s not necessary that you’ll purchase from all the websites you visit. Similarly, your website receives plenty of visits without any actions in a day. How do you remind them of your website? Display remarketing and RLSA campaigns come into play here. You can offer them something to make them come back to your website to make a purchase.

8. Measurable and Scalable

When you invest in marketing, you’d want to check the analytics and see how it’s performing. Here comes Google Analytics and other tools to do this task for you. Your website may gain all the traffic you need but what if conversions are low and people on your website do not take any action before they leave? These measurements and analytics can give you an idea of what is missing and lets you work on that. You might have some budget for marketing and these tools help you adjust the budget by scaling it up or down.

These are the most important advantages of Google Adwords besides which there are other things you can do such as observing and tracking how long a visitor on an average spends on your website and on specific pages, average bounce rate, etc.

Use the right visuals and texts for your Google Adwords to get the most of it, else everything may go down the drain. Not sure how to make it work effectively? The Digital Catalyst team is an expert in this.

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