Seven Advantages of YouTube Advertising

YouTube advertising is advertising on the online video sharing platform Youtube, promoting video content, or in relevant YouTube search terms. YouTube advertising can only be done through Google Ads since YouTube is owned by Google.

Companies can use YouTube advertising as a whole or with display campaigns using its many different video ad formats.YouTube advertising is one of the easiest ways to promote your business. You’ve probably seen a lot of video advertisements while watching your favorite shows or programs. Using video ads to grow your business is a smart move.

Youtube has more than two billion monthly logged-in users, and 500 hours of video content are uploaded every minute. On average, each Youtube visitor spends 11 and 24 seconds on the site daily, and every visit results in 6.5 pageviews.

Companies that advertise on YouTube have many opportunities to expand their online marketing strategies. Companies are expected to spend over 5.5 billion on Youtube advertising within the next five years.

A quality video ad online can impact an advertising campaign and bring more results than any other form of online marketing. Using YouTube ads in your content distribution strategies and incorporating video into your content marketing strategy is essential for a modern online marketing strategy.

We have a guide on organically ranking videos on YouTube if you are interested in growing your channel. Youtube ads can help companies increase brand awareness, boost sales, interact with their target audiences, promote events, or share helpful product or service-related content with their customers.

If you do not understand the benefits of Youtube ads, keep reading.

Top Benefits of Youtube Advertising List

1. Have A Higher Engagement Rate

Video advertisements are a very effective way to engage your audience and make your content. Memorable. When people are bombarded with advertisements, you must make sure your content stands out. Is an ad that grabs the viewer’s attention ideal on YouTube? Creating memorable and effective video ads will help your business increase sales, engage users, and hopefully drive ad recall, vital to any growing business.

2. YouTube has a vast and unique reach

YouTube is a global phenomenon with a vast reach. YouTube has 2 billion users that view almost 5 billion videos every day. The most downloaded iOS app in 2018 was YouTube, and it had more downloads than other popular platforms such as Facebook and Snapchat. Additionally, 50% more people use YouTube instead of Facebook to make purchasing decisions.

Hence, if you want your content to reach a broad audience, YouTube is the best choice.

3. YouTube is a highly effective platform for target

Targeting works well on other platforms, but it’s especially effective on YouTube. Contextual targeting allows you to target content relevant to your content. Demographic targeting targets people based on age and gender. Affinity audiences, In-market audiences, life events, video remarketing, and more are also types of targeting.

4. To Track & Measure Advertising on YouTube is Easy

Another advantage to advertising on YouTube is that your ads can easily be tracked. The effectiveness of the ad can be improved by seeing metrics and analytics on your ads. Detailed information on your ad’s viewers can also be viewed to see who sees it. Using this method, you can know if your ad is getting the job done and prevent wasting money on ads that don’t hit the mark.

5. YouTube Advertisements are Cost-effective

Most small businesses believe they are unable to advertise on YouTube. They assume that a big platform with an enormous reach must come with a hefty price tag. However, that’s not true. Typical YouTube video ads will cost you between 10 cents and 30 cents per view. This depends on factors such as targeting and video quality. YouTube does not even charge you for viewers who skip your advertisement after the first five seconds.

6. YouTube offers a variety of Ad Formats

When it comes to skipping, YouTube offers a variety of ad formats that you can use Interchangeably based on your business and advertising objectives. Below are some of the types of ads available on the platform:

  • Skippable in-stream ads
  • Non-skippable in-stream ads
  • Bumper ads
  • Video discovery ads
  • Masthead ads

7. YouTube Advertising Will Get the Desired Results

The most significant benefit of YouTube advertising is that it can help you achieve your goals. Consider what you hope to achieve from your first advertisement before putting it out. Create YouTube content to help you promote your brand image, increase brand awareness, convert sales, and retarget people who recently viewed your ads or products, all to generate more revenue.

YouTube Ads FAQs

Are YouTube Ads useful?

YouTube ads are helpful if you are looking for traffic, sales, brand awareness, etc. Ads can drive more people directly to your website by displaying ads on relevant videos that match the interests of your target audience. Reach a bigger audience who might not otherwise be interested in visiting your website. The downside is that an ad campaign can take some time to show returns, so keep patience.

Do YouTube ads count as views?

YouTube ads are effective in increasing sales. The results, however, depend greatly on the target audience, the type of video ad, and the marketing strategy. With proper optimization, an average click-through rate (CTR) of 2.7% is very much possible. If you’re planning on using YouTube ads, investing in optimization pays off in terms of increased exposure and conversion rates. In addition, YouTube is a search engine, so optimizing your videos for high rankings might be necessary.

Are YouTube ads better than TV ads?

The effectiveness of YouTube ads varies based on the product type and the market it targets. When measuring success, YouTube Ads are a far better way to reach consumers than TV advertisements, where effects cannot be accurately measured. YouTube Ads are interactive, which results in engaged customers. The videos can also be viewed without switching screens in case of ads. This makes the ads more likely to be clicked and converted into sales/leads.

YouTube Ads, in addition, do not require significant budget investments up front to start advertising which suits small businesses. In contrast, TV commercials often require substantial upfront costs. In addition, YouTube ads can run anytime during the day or night when desired, which is an added advantage.

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