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An e-mail marketing service is a direct marketing strategy that focuses on targeting regular as well as potential customers based on your preferred target group. A good e-mail marketing strategy is perfect for increasing sales, driving traffic to your website, building brand awareness, trust and loyalty. Our customer life cycle management service boosts your e-mail marketing campaign and helps you retain customers. This is done efficiently by offering customers follow-up and need-based products related to their previous purchases and online searches. The best part about e-mail marketing services are that they are very effective and cost efficient. The trick is to plan and execute a perfect e-mail marketing strategy and Digital Catalyst does exactly that for you.

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Responsive E-mail Design

We optimize your e-mail template to achieve size and format standardization across all media devices.

Automated E-mail Marketing

We automate your marketing campaigns to generate leads, increase sales and create happy customers while saving time.

E-mail Copywriting

Our skilled copywriters craft your e-mails to achieve maximum readability, ROI and profits.

Fully Managed E-mail Marketing

We design and manage your entire e-mail marketing campaigns keeping in mind your brand and target audience.

Campaign Production & Deployment

We target audience based on their online behavioural patterns to help you maximize your business.

E-mail List Cleaning

We regularly cleanse your mailing list to weed out unresponsive e-mail ids and make room for potential customers and increase deliverability.



We design a beautiful template that delivers the latest news and events from your company to subscribers.


We send out two different e-mails to select IDs. The one that creates a better impact is e-mailed to subscribers.


We track your entire campaign including the subscriptions, opens, clicks, bounces, spam complaints, link activity etc.


We create deliverability tests to determine the effectiveness of our e-mail campaigns.


We can send your campaign e-mail immediately or schedule it for an appropriate time. Delivery reports and stat updates can be monitored on the go.


Create an E-mail Newsletter

We design aesthetically beautiful and engaging e-mail newsletters that are optimized to look great in any inbox and on any device. E-mail newsletters help you to plant the seed of your brand in the minds of your subscribers and keep them engaged and updated with your brand’s latest projects, information and events.

Send Your Campaign and Ensure Delivery

We plan, create, design and schedule your e-mail campaigns at a time that suits you best. Your campaign is stored on the cloud and you have complete access to it at any given time. Our designs are compatible with all types of devices be it a desktop, laptop, android, tablet or IPhone. You can also check delivery reports and stats instantly. Our feedback loops with all major internet service providers which in turn ensures high delivery rates.

A/B Split Test

A/B Split test helps to test audience response in any e-mail marketing campaign. The campaign is tracked to ensure best practices are followed taking into consideration e-mail heading, content, subject line, call to action, time of day and the likes. The e-mail campaign with the best response from targeted audience is sent to subscribers.

Track Campaigns. Monitor Reports

We track and monitor your campaign to gain accurate insights into statistics such as e-mail newsletter subscribers and unsubscribers, click through stats, bounced e-mails, opened e-mails etc. Interpreting and analyzing e-mail marketing campaign plays a vital role in maximizing its efficiency and ROI.

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