What is the role of chatbots in digital marketing?

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a software program or an application that makes use of artificial intelligence (AI) to determine what human beings need. It is created in a way to ape humans as authentically as possible during online texting.

Cleverly designed chatbots use available conversations to gauge what people are inclined to ask. Although they are programmed to react similarly, no matter how many times a question is asked, their response will change if a question is posed differently using natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML).

Their usage

Chatbots are increasingly being used in marketing to simplify exchanges between marketers and their customers. They simultaneously offer businesses new ways of enhancing their styles of interactions, allowing them to cut the costs of their customer services. All of this, however, is only possible through the highly creative intervention of humans. It is after all programmers who configure, guide, and improve chatbots. Owing to this, many businesses are embracing chatbots to not only automate responses but also to improve their operational activities using digital marketing strategies.   

Firms are now coming up with strategies to ensure that their customers are getting responses each time they make a request for one. If tapped properly, chatbots help businesses in generating leads and converting them into sales. In fact, they can be used by digital marketers in several ways to improve their marketing strategies.

Chatbot designing process

Chatbots can be designed easily but if they have to be deployed in digital marketing, the process involves using NLP and ML, both of which require streaming data so that the system can continually keep gaining knowledge on its own.

Digital marketers should begin by exploring the potential ways in which a chatbot can be used. They need to identify the needs of their customers, manipulate chatbot interactions that are structured as well as unstructured, and by designing chatbots using non-coding structures.

Types of chatbot strategies

At the same time, several types of chatbots can be used for completing different types of assignments. These will help chatbots to talk with several systems and execute multiple tasks such as generating leads while they are talking with several customers.

Bots can be created for multiple platforms, including, social media channels, mobile apps, messaging apps, etc. Alternately, a variety of intelligent chatbots can be deployed on platforms to grasp, recall and absorb data from all interactions that they have with customers.

Bots can be designed, developed, and trained on platforms that are internet-based and instinctive enough to act as per the tasks and platforms where they are deployed.  Several providers have introduced platforms that have significant knowledge of different businesses and fields that could cater to various organizations. By using chatbots on such platforms, businesses can benefit considerably.  

Different services that chatbots offer

A chatbot can be used for customer service because it aids in classifying concerns of a particular type so that such calls can be directed to the appropriate individual whose role is to address them. Ecommerce messaging apps will have chatbots incorporated into them to allow those businesses to provide their customers’ options to browse and purchase products.

Chatbots can be used for different types of marketing strategies with their abilities to send messages that are useful to prospective customers who can be converted into customers. Finally, chatbots can be used for preparing FAQs by programming them with different questions and answers that match each of those queries by creating a scenario that they find highly engaging.

Customers do find conversations with chatbots of certain businesses more engaging, allowing them to opt for them over their competitors. Make sure you are one of them. If chatbots seem appealing to you because of the scope they can offer your business, contact Digital Catalyst, which can help you leverage them to your advantage.    

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