5 significant benefits of YouTube video marketing for your business

Today’s digital landscape has radically changed consumer-business dynamics. Due to the presence of enormous Digital channels, the behavior of consumers has changed. Consumers can determine how and when to receive information. They can now rely on the internet to learn more about your business.

Recent studies reveal that video marketing is the most effective method for interacting with consumers and delivering information regarding brands and products that catch their attention.

In surveys conducted by different media, 88% percent of marketers indicated that video marketing was their preferred method for marketing purposes. Even consumers are interested in opening video messages over text messages from businesses as marketing information.

Digital marketers are advised to use YouTube video marketing and alter their strategies according to varying business requirements. It is more effective to provide information in a form that consumers are ready to consume. There is a high chance of conversions when people are persuaded using video marketing.

The following are the benefits of integrating video marketing into digital marketing campaigns.

Use YouTube to reach a massive audience by capturing their attention:

According to a study, the average attention span of the audience is eight and a half seconds. But the fact is that it’s hard to draw a user’s attention and keep it to capture his time.

Video marketing attracts the attention of marketers’ target audiences. This is because our brains are hardwired to react to visual cues more than any other cue.

YouTube video views are more than 7 billion a day, which is proof of the popularity of videos.

Visual perception and processing account for 50% of the brain’s activity.

Information can be recognized in the brain in as little as 13 milliseconds.

By adding a link to your YouTube channel or video on your webpage or blog, you will trick the human brain into watching the video.

Utilize it for repurposing content and strengthening sales pitches:

A strong sales pitch is crucial to persuade customers to buy your product. You can only sell when you have a compelling value proposition. The text on the webpage content is only read by 28%; the remaining is left unread even though the text contains a strengthening sales pitch.

Using a video to convey your message can strengthen your pitch. Customers prefer to watch videos, but they also retain 95 percent more information. Videos convey more information in a way that’s entertaining and informative at the same time. 

The ratio is 8:2 when watching video content and reading text content. Utilize the expertise and resources of a YouTube video marketing agency to help your value proposition convert.

Grow your audience by boosting credibility:

When people find businesses online, they do not immediately trust them. People research more before they make a purchasing decision because of this. For this reason, it’s crucial to manage your online reputation and reviews. Because most businesses do not have an online presence, people have trouble trusting them. Marketers are primarily concerned with building customer trust.

Leveraging videos can be one of the best ways to build trust with your customers. Video content with personal appearances from you or your employees attaches a face to the brand, making your business feel more human. 

Meanwhile, video testimonials add an element of social proof, making consumers feel validated. 57% percent of consumers say they felt more confident about their purchase from watching company videos.

Use YouTube videos to increase your visibility on Google:

The number one platform for video content in the world is YouTube. People nowadays use it as their primary source of entertainment, information, and educational content. YouTube is one of today’s most popular video content-sharing platforms. Over 2 billion people use YouTube every month.

Besides YouTube’s search engine, video marketing can also boost your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts and perform well on Google search engine results pages (SERPs). Due to Google Universal Search, mixed media can appear on SERPs. Search results pages contain images, videos, news, books, and even local results for a comprehensive set of answers to what people are searching for.

Besides being one of Google’s subsidiaries, YouTube offers a native transition between the two websites. Many marketers consider YouTube video production to be the most effective way to market videos in recent years.

The massive user base of youtube helps in making money with Adsense:

YouTube’s user base is enormous. Every minute, over 300 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube. This vast collection of videos includes virtually everything you can imagine. YouTube users rely on its influential search engine to navigate such a big site.

It processes over 3 billion searches during any given month, exceeding the combined number of Bing, Yahoo, Ask, and AOL. Optimize your YouTube video production based on user intent. Through Google’s AdSense for Video program, you can earn money directly from your video content if you create regular video content.

You can use Google Adwords and AdSense for Video to make money from video campaigns. By allowing others to advertise on your videos, you can run Adwords campaigns for your videos and make money.

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