PPC ( Pay Per Click) Management Services and Solutions

At Digital Catalyst, we can help you with PPC services and generate great quality leads to your business website. Our strategies and approaches ensure your business receives customized PPC management services to meet your business needs. Digital Catalyst does a proper research and analysis on the potential ROI (Return on Investment) of every single campaign so that you know the profitability of every ad and click in advance.

The digital marketing and PPC world has been continuously evolving and will continue to evolve and thus, our PPC team stays ahead of the changes and applies the best practices into all the campaigns. Our in-house team is well experienced and they make sure our clients experience the benefits of it. With Digital Catalyst services, you can relax by leaving all the PPC related burden on us.

The Importance of PPC Management Services

It’s true that the results can be obtained with search engine optimization (SEO) but that is time-consuming and one needs to have some patience to get the results but with pay per click (PPC), one can get the results instantly. PPC management can bring high quality traffic or audience to your website and the bonus is that you need to pay only for the clicks you get. SEO and SMM (social media marketing) take weeks to even months to produce the results but it’s the opposite with PPC. If you want to generate leads and make sales immediately then PPC is your answer; but this doesn’t mean that you can neglect the others. They have their own benefits and are equally important.

Google Adwords can enable you to target the potential clients precisely at the right time, i.e., their ideal point of the purchasing journey. Keyword choices and proper research are what you need to do to get 10 times more profit than you spend on the campaigns. Since the target audience is already searching for the products or services you provide, you will be able to generate higher conversion rates leading to increased revenue and profitability.

Digital Catalyst offers PPC services for various types of businesses like e-commerce, lawyers, doctors, shops, etc. The list can go on and unlimited as we help all types of businesses. It really doesn’t matter what your product or service is but what matters is if your clients are actually searching for it or not. Thus, keeping your business clear and important in order to improve its presence online.

Why Choose Digital Catalyst?

There are plenty of PPC management companies that promise great results but fail to achieve them. However, we are different from them. We on the other side do not speak for ourselves but let our results and clients do that instead. Digital Catalyst has a dedicated and expert team with hands-on experience on developing strategies that actually work. We take some time to understand your business properly not to forget your customers. We consider it as our own and thus, we are able to generate good leads with our perfectly aligned campaigns.

Display ads, shopping campaigns, dynamic remarketing support, etc. are some of our specialties. Many companies fail to understand the importance of knowing the target audience or customers. We identify the target audience by understanding the customers with the help of our clients. This helps us in developing a customized PPC campaign that is capable of addressing the client’s needs and customers.

Research-oriented approach if done right can drive high-quality traffic to the website which can generate sales and profit.

Digital Catalyst can support you in many ways.

  1. Generate qualified visitors, increase the conversions leading to an increase the sales and profit.
  2. Mobile PPC accounts for 53% of the paid clicks generated. We can help you with that.
  3. Lower costs per click while increasing the clicks and improve ad campaign efficiency.
  4. Attract the right customers by targeting specific geographics and demographics.
  5. Translate pay per click into offline sales for various businesses.

Return on Investment or ROI is the main target or goal of any ad campaign or strategy Digital Catalyst team develops. Detailed research on keyword volumes, revenue forecasts, and conversion metrics are included in our PPC services. This can help you understand how much a campaign will cost exactly and what you’ll get out of it leading you to decide whether you should go ahead or not.

What is Included in Our Pay per Click Services?

We discuss every single aspect with our clients to avoid mistakes and then start working on the strategies. Our approach supports the entire research process, setup and monitoring process improvement.

  1. Keyword Research: This targets the most effective and high ROI search terms.
  2. Ad Creation: Ad copy is created to attract the right customers.
  3. Landing Page Review: Sales conversions are maximized once the user clicks on the ad.
  4. Account Setup: All the setup and administration details are taken care of.
  5. Tracking and Analysis Testing: All the small-scale ad campaigns are tested to make sure of the viability.
  6. Campaign Launch: Optimized ads and the sales funnels are launched to go live.
  7. Performance Monitoring: This ensures that your ad campaign stays on track continuously.
  8. Campaign Assessment: An indepth review is made to assess the effectiveness of the campaign and check what worked and what didn’t. This helps to identify the opportunities for achieving greater ROI.
  9. Analysis and Feedback: Calls and reporting are a part of the routine on a monthly and weekly basis to improve the results.

Digital Catalyst experts take care of all the steps in this procedure, provide you updates and feedback throughout the way. Our team stays up to date with the changing technologies and trends. By partnering with our PPC management company you can get an instant boost to your sales and get the best results and high ROI.

Reach us now for better understanding.

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