How Paid Advertising Helps in Business

Many small businesses neglect paid advertising considering it’s a waste of money. They usually draw this conclusion because many fail at drawing customers with it due to lack of knowledge and experience. They lose hundreds and thousands of money on paid advertising and get little to no results at all. The fact is that with the help of an expert, paid advertising can boost advertising to another level. Here we give most convincing reasons why you should never leave out the paid advertisement option.

1. Paid Advertising Targets the Right Audience

Google, Yahoo, Facebook, YouTube deal with data and they know how to target the right audience. If not, nobody will use them. They won’t give you results for shoes when you search for clothes. Using the right keywords is the key to Paid Advertising. In fact they work so perfectly that they show relevant ads based on your search history. Search for dresses a couple of times and you will find them for the next few days. Facebook suggests the right ADs, posts and groups based on what you search frequently, which groups you are in, etc.

2. Grabs the First Position in Search Results

There is no doubt that anybody would first check the first or topmost result in a Google search or in any other search engine thinking it’s the most relevant to the search keyword(s). There is no doubt in that but that position is occupied by paid advertisements and that is one of the reasons why paid advertising should be considered.

3. Paid Advertising Targets the Right Audience Based on Location

Before actually visiting the store or any business, the majority of the population either searches for businesses nearby or in the city and does some research on the business before making a purchase decision. If you want to visit a dermatologist, you would search for “dermatologists nearby” or “dermatologists in Madhapur”. Ads that target “Madhapur” grab the top positions of a Google search result. So, paid ADs reach the person in that particular location and you pay just for that.

4. Paid Advertising Increases Your Business’ Prestige

There is no doubt we judge someone’s prestige by their riches; precisely by what they wear and use. Similarly, an AD that occupies the top position in a Google search results immediately gives the impression that it has money which means it is doing well in the market; and hence, is trustworthy. Nobody would invest money on advertising unless they have plenty; at least that’s what many think. This increases the prestige and also gives some prospective clients.

5. You Have Monitoring and Analytic Tools

Demographics are available on Google, Facebook, etc. to measure the results of each campaign and how much you benefit or lose. You get the option to choose a budget and these tools measure so precisely that you spend only the amount of money needed for clicks or views. You can also see what kind of audience you get, from which location and from which device. These let you decide for your future investments, goals and targets.

Without any knowledge on how to create a successful AD campaign, if someone tries it there is more disappointment than success. Thus, it is advised to opt for an expert to do the job for you especially in the beginning. They do it after a proper research and by following a certain procedure with an aim to gain success with good ROI. Digital Catalyst team consists of such experts who have succeeded with high ROI for their clients.

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