10 crucial benefits of Facebook marketing for your business in 2022

The benefits of a Facebook marketing presence for businesses are numerous. Facebook allows businesses to connect with current and potential customers regularly. In this way, they can effectively advertise the products and services to their target audience. Through this, customers can receive business information directly from the business. 

Some people say Facebook is no longer worth advertising due to the advent of other social media platforms. It continues to effectively drive traffic to your website and convert it into customers.

Check out these benefits of branding your business with Facebook marketing in 2022.

Accessibility to a Wider Audience

Facebook is undoubtedly a great advertising platform for businesses. A large audience of all demographics can be reached, as Facebook has more than 2.6 billion users worldwide, according to Statista, 2020. You can find your desired audience profile no matter whom you cater your business to as Facebook attracts users of all generations.

Associate with both B2B and B2C businesses

You might think that through Facebook marketing, you can only advertise to B2C businesses. It is surprising to learn that B2B businesses also run Facebook campaigns and spend about 74% more of their time than any other. The B2B market is competitive, so be advanced in leveraging Facebook. 

With the proper targeting, ad format, messaging, and off-Facebook user experience on your site, you do have a chance to succeed. B2B targets often forget that they are still targets even after they leave the office or are online to grab a snack between work engagements. Neither of them is different. By remarketing to them on Facebook, you can remain in their minds. For targeting new users, Facebook offers the following segments that are well suited for B2B: Employer name, Job title, Employment industry, Interest industry, Employer company size, Business travelers. 

Multimodal targeting with full-funnel engagement

Facebook is the only platform that caters to the users at any stage of their engagement journey. Its ad formats, targeting options, and measurement capabilities align nicely with any marketing strategy. It is helpful whether a customer is at the upper stage of the funnel or the lower stage. For the awareness stage, Facebook’s sponsored stories, video ads, and carousel ads are effective ways to draw someone’s attention without being too direct. 

If the user doesn’t want to consider your message, he will move forward, but it is the chance for you to engage them with delighting visuals and unique content that adds value. The goal is not to portray benefits. Showing something exciting will motivate users to conduct further research when the time is right. You can reach mid-funnel users through six different benefits of Facebook marketing solutions (i.e., those in the consideration phase). In addition, they allow you to engage users on Facebook and drive off-Facebook actions that involve users interacting with content on your website.

If driving traffic to your website is the main objective, then Facebook is the right platform for you. Transaction-oriented marketers can be benefitted. Use the custom buttons provided by Facebook to improve your ads.

Audience transparency

Several programmatic networks provide similar audience targeting capabilities, but Facebook’s reach is highly transparent. Because you self-select your target audience, your business has high levels of control and transparency. Target fans, friends of fans, behaviors or interests, remarketing. You can derive insights while other platforms auto-optimize by segmenting your campaign on Facebook based on these known audience clusters. In both cases, a campaign can perform great. 

Targeting based on psychographic

Demographics alone can’t contribute to predicting one’s lifestyle or buying needs. Targeting on Facebook can be done by interests, life events, behaviors, or hobbies. By doing so, you can target your marketing channels more specifically and align your digital strategy with your offline tactics to ensure the same behavioral criteria are being used across all of your marketing channels.

Targeting Competitor’s Audience

You cannot target your competitors’ audience directly; however, you can locate an audience who shares their interests based on self-reported information. The last update settings can determine this. One can easily reach thousands of users without paying fees for audience profiles that may be necessary on other channels by building a custom audience of users interested in 20+ well-known brands. It’s an effective strategy to chase targeted audiences.

AdFormat varieties

Facebook provides ten ad formats, making it stand out from other social media platforms. There are several options for each stage of the target marketing funnel, with images and videos being the most common. Several ad formats include some text and visual elements, providing you with a great chance to describe and showcase your business. A sponsored post is a notable ad format if your business allows others to post their feeds. Boosting a user-generated post on your feed is bound to fuel further engagement with other users. It outperforms purpose-developed ads, as they identified quickly. It is organic as people see it as non-defensive. 

Drive traffic directly to the website

Many of Facebook’s ad options allow your business to drive referral traffic to its website. The majority of users open Facebook with the intention of browsing its content. The ad will be sufficiently compelling for the user to leave Facebook and click through to your site if it is compelling and highly relevant.

Measure the performance

Even though it may seem obvious, Facebook allows you to report on various metrics. Different metrics apply to different ad formats. These metrics include the actions taken by users before and after leaving Facebook. i.e., reach ad engagements, conversions, and revenue. By installing ”Facebook pixel” on your site, you can track conversion metrics and auto-optimize campaigns. In its absence, Facebook will not be able to pinpoint the user profiles that convert best and may continue to serve ads to the same users throughout the entire campaign.

Engage with the existing audience

The vital benefits of Facebook marketing is that it helps you grow fans. Driving referral site traffic, site engagement, and conversion is essential. Adding to that, it is also important to regularly engage with Facebook audiences and maintain them. Consider your Facebook profile as another website or a digital extension of your business. Over time people don’t show interest to interact if you are offline on your site. They always need to be reminded of and provide new reasons to keep you under consideration. No matter what, facebook’s motive is to grow a follower base and keep your existing customers engaged with attractive updates.

A sponsored campaign targeting existing customers does not guarantee to reach all followers. But will allow users to engage voluntarily by creating a spur. Facebook’s ads platform offers user-friendly budget management tools. Real-time results are monitored, are accessible to any size of a business, and drive organic results. Keeping your Facebook presence can also help your organic search presence. You can indirectly influence your SEO ranking by using Facebook advertising to increase social signals (shares, likes, and comments). 

Facebook and media usage have ascended after the COVID-19 hit. Now is the right time to get hold of this channel to recover your business. Digital Catalyst is the right platform if you are looking for help executing Facebook marketing campaigns. For further information, visit our website Digital Catalyst.

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